14th December

2 from 4 Stableford


B Jeavons S Preece D Wykes D Beverley

84 Points £17.50 each

Joint Runner Up

L Johnston C Foster T Preece S N Jones

D Verey I Wilson J Chambers D Lees

80 Points £12.50 each

7th December

Pairs Stableford


S N Jones R A Brown

44 Points £20 each

Runner Up

G Robinson H Wright

£17.50 each

H Roberts I Lockley M Leadbetater

M Godwin I Wilson D K Lees

I Preece P Steventon

£10 each

16th November

Pairs Stableford


L Johnston T Preece

45 Points. £20 each

Runner Up

G Clifford P Parnell

44 Points £15 each

Joint Third

H Wright S Preece

B Ward R Cooper

42 Points £7.50 each

10th November

Remembrance Day Competition


J Hale J Florence S Johnson D Brown

52.1 Points £25 each

Runner Up

A K Roberts G Roberts P O’Brien D Verey

50.9 Points £17.50 each


S Morton D Haines D Painter J Watson

50.8 Points £12.50 each


M Eustace M V Brown V Reid S Schofield

50.6 Points £10 each


A Egan C Fletcher T Brickley C Marshall

49.8 Points £7.50 each

Has promised The Pro Shop donated all the income of this Competition on your behalf to The Royal British Legion and paid out the same value in prizes. We raised £290 plus £7.20 in collection box. Thanks to everyone for taking part.

12th October

2 from 4 Stableford


L Johnston C Gibson N Hunt J Grindey

87 Points £17.50 each

Joint Runner Up

S Taylor A Russell A Whittaker J Linford

P Thompson J Galvin J Roberts D Hopley

B Stevens S Elis D Wykes R Allen

85 Points £10.00 each

28th September

Pairs Stableford


M Thomas P Wooton 44 Points

B9 24 £20 each

Runner Up

R M Allen R Carter 44 Points

B9 21 £17.50 each

Joint Third

R Bradbury J Elcock

S Sturdy J Cotter

C Foster L Johnston

42 Points £10 each

Joint Sixth

D Glen C Dawson

41 Points £5 each